Desktop laser welding machine for jewelry


Product introduction:

Desktop jewelry laser welding machine is ergonomically designed, equipped with a special microscope observation system with a cross cursor, and equipped with a high-speed electronic filter to protect the operator’s eyes.The machine is compact in size, easy to carry, and simple in operation.Good welding effect, stable and reliable equipment, low failure rate.

Product advantage:

1. Simple operation

Easy operation, stable equipment, low failure rate.

2. Small size

Small size, can be placed on the table, easy to handle.

3. Humanized configuration

Equipped with special microscope observation system and high speed electronic light filter to protect operator’s eyes.

4. Powerful functions

Multi-purpose machine, suitable for welding of various materials in various industries,

5. Exquisite welding seam

Weld quality is high, no blowhole, no blackness, weld width is small, firm and beautiful.

6. Quality certification

Selected high-quality materials and accessories, long life, no need for consumables, products are exported to many countries and regions abroad, a number of quality certification.

7. Intelligent control

Equipped with automatic intelligent system, greatly improve the efficiency of production

Product parameters:

MTL-W75 MTL-W90 MTL-W220
Maximum laser power 75W 90W 220W
The laser wavelength, 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Maximum energy of single pulse 50 J 70 J 90 J
The pulse width 0.2-10ms 0.2-10ms 0.2-10ms
Continuous laser welding frequency 0.5-20Hz 0.5-20Hz 0.5-20Hz
Spot size adjustable range 0.2-2mm 0.2-2mm 0.2-2mm
The whole machine consumes power ≤4KW ≤6KW ≤9KW
Demand for electricity 220V±10% / 50Hz / 30A
Control system Industrial computer   micro-computer

Application industry:

Desktop type jewelry laser welding machine is widely used in precision machining small parts, rings, pendants, bracelets, false teeth denture, mobile phone charger interface, hardware, watches and clocks, aviation, aerospace, sporting goods, golf head, medical equipment, stainless steel, titanium alloy ornaments, spectacle frame, especially for gold and silver jewelry reperforating and spot weld lines, embedded parts such as welding.

Sample drawing display: