Die laser welding machine


Product introduction:

The laser welding machine is used to weld the damaged position of the mold through the high thermal energy generated in an instant.mactron die laser welding machine design atmosphere, free movement, meet the needs of a variety of mold materials repair, strong operability.High hardness after welding, will not produce cracks and sand holes.

Product Parameter:

MTL – W220III – MTL – W220 IV MTL – W220III – MTL – W400 IV
Maximum laser power 220 w. 400 w.
The laser wavelength, 1064 nm 1064 nm
Single pulse maximum energy 90 J 110 J
Laser welding depth 0.1 0.8 mm 0.1 1.0 mm
The pulse width 0.2-20 ms 0.2-20 ms
Continuous laser welding frequency 0.5-20 hz 0.5-20 hz
Spot size adjustable range 0.2 2 mm 0.2 2 mm
Laser welding wire 0.2 0.4 mm Φ Ф 0.2 0.5 mm Φ Φ
The whole machine consumes electrical power 7 kw or less 12 kw or less
Demand for electricity 220V±10% / 50Hz / 40A(380v) 380V±10% / 50Hz / 40A
Standard working table 3D manual 3D manual
Aimed at positioning Microscope Microscope Microscope Microscope
Laser up and down stroke Fixed / 300mm Fixed / 300mm
The laser rotates in an axial direction Fixed Fixed / 360 ° Fixed / 360°
Horizontal direction of laser Fixed/Y axis movable /XY electric Fixed/Y axis movable /XY electric

Application industry:

Mainly used for repairing large and medium mould, suitable for plastic mould of S136, skd-11, NAK80, 718, 738, P20, W302, etc.