Galvanometer welding machine


Product introduction:

The galvanometer laser welding machine adopts high-speed scanning galvanometer for laser positioning, with a speed up to 7000mm/s, which greatly improves the production efficiency.Digital galvanometer interface, strong anti-interference ability, good stability.In the process of operation, it is equipped with special control software, which can be compatible with various formats.High power cooling system, can also meet the work requirements of mass production, is a very cost-effective welding equipment.

Product advantage:

Simple operation

Easy to learn, non – contact distance welding, welding fast, no processing after welding, to meet the needs of humanized operation.


Multi-purpose machine, suitable for welding of various materials in many industries.

Fine welding

High weld quality, no porosity, no blackening, small weld width.

Good stability

High – speed scanning galvanometer, strong anti – interference ability, better stability.

Quality certification

Selected high-quality materials and accessories, long life, no need for consumables, products are exported to many countries and regions abroad, obtain a number of quality certification.

Intelligent control

Equipped with automatic intelligent system, greatly improve the efficiency of production.

Product Parameter:

model MTL-SW200 MTL-SW400 MTL-SW600
Maximum laser power 200W 400W 600W
The laser wavelength, 1064nm
Laser pulse energy 90 J 110 J 130 J
The wave number The 2 groups
The pulse width 0.3-20ms 0.5-20ms 0.5-20ms
The laser frequency 1-40Hz 1-100Hz 1-100Hz
Spot adjustable range 0.2-2mm
Aimed at positioning Red light
Control system Industrial control micro-computer
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Rated power 9KW 12KW 16KW
Demand for electricity 220V±10% / 50Hz / 30A 380V±10% / 50Hz / 40A 380V±10% / 50Hz / 50A

Application industry:

The equipment is mainly used for high-speed spot welding, continuous welding and sealing welding of mobile phone shielding, metal mobile phone shell, metal capacitor shell, MP3, GPS, hard disk, micro-motor, sensor and other products.