Hand-held laser welding machine


Product introduction:

Handheld laser welding machine adopts a new generation of optical fiber laser, equipped with independently developed welding head, replacing the fixed working mode with handheld mode, not only more conducive to the mold, advertising and other large complex products welding, but also realize the laser welding in the outdoor.The process is mainly used in stainless steel plate, iron plate, galvanized plate and other metal materials, can replace the traditional argon arc welding, spot welding and other processes.

 Product advantage:

1. Flexible operation

Integrated design, manual adjustment of azimuth and distance, effective repair of small parts and complex workpiece.

2. Powerful functions

One machine multi-purpose, suitable for a variety of industries of materials welding.

3. Stable performance

CCD image monitoring, to ensure the stability of welding quality, can be carried out complex workpiece welding.

4. Quality certification

Selected high-quality materials and accessories, long life, no need for consumables, products are exported to many countries and regions abroad, a number of quality certification.

Product parameters:

The machine type MT-300W MT-400W
Laser type ND:YAG ND:YAG
The laser wavelength, 1064nm 1064nm
Maximum laser power 300W 400W
Minimum spot diameter 0.2mm 0.2mm
Adjustable spot size 0.2-2mm 0.2-2mm
Spot adjustable range 0.2-3.0mm 0.2-4.0mm
Minimum weld pool 0.1mm 0.1mm
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm 0.02mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
The depth of the weld 1.5mm 2.5mm
The pulse width 0.3ms-20ms 0.3ms-20ms
Pulse frequency 1-100Hz 1-100Hz
Control system PC or PLC PC or PLC
Cooling way Water cooled Water cooled
The engine power 10KW 15KW
Demand for electricity 220V / 50Hz / 60A 380V / 50Hz / 60A
Aimed at positioning The CCD and the red light The CCD and the red light
Observation system CCD red light or microscope (optional) CCD red light or microscope (optional)

Application industry:

This series of products are suitable for welding various stainless steel mirror word, stainless steel paint word, titanium metal plane word, titanium metal sphere word, seiko titanium word, seiko aluminum word, tin metal paint word, etc., which have been widely used in lighting, advertising, mold, photoelectric communication, medical and other industries.