Jewelry laser welding machine


Product introduction:

Jewelry laser welding machine is a water-cooled integrated laser welding system developed by our company for the needs of jewelry industry.The system is mainly composed of laser, power supply and control, water chiller, light guide and focusing, binocular stereoscopic microscopic observation, compact structure and small volume.Coaxial micro-coordinate indication with laser beam makes the work easy to locate, no special fixture is needed.Laser power, pulse frequency and pulse width can be preset and changed through the control panel.It is mainly used for spot welding sand holes, hole filling, seam repairing, spot welding sand holes and foot parts of inlaid part.The size of welding spot can be adjusted at will during the welding process, with small thermal impact area, fine and beautiful welding spot, no excessive post-welding treatment, precise positioning, and no damage to the surrounding jewelry in the welding process.

Product parameters:

model laser power gross  consumption power  supply
MT-W200F/A/S 200W 9KW 380V/50HZ/40A
MT-W300F/A/S 300W 12KW 380V//50HZ/60A
MT-W400F/A/S 400W 14KW 380V/50HZ/60A

Laser type: YAG pulse

Wavelength: 1064 nm

Spot size: 0.2-30mm

Light point adjustment range: 0.1-0.3mm

Pulse width: 0.1-20ms

Pulse frequency: <50HZ

Cooling mode: water cooling

Aiming and positioning mode: microscope or CCD (rotatable 360°)

Shielding gas: 1 channel (argon)

Entire table stroke: 200×200mm to 1200×1200mm

Positioning accuracy: 0.02

Table load: <200KG


Jewelry laser welding machine is specially designed for jewelry and electronic industry, mainly used in jewelry, electronic components, communication, handicrafts and other industries, it can repair and weld stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, K gold and other metals and alloys.

Welding effect diagram display: